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The Details

When it comes to making our leather gear, attention to detail is key. A lot of our newer customers ask us to define our gear, the different types of leather & products and even colors. These are the details. They help us to create the ultimate product for our customers, tailored to each person's needs.

The little things make the difference. All of our products are made by hand. We take the time to finish the edges and make everything smooth and comfortable.

"Every piece of gear you see on my site or on our tables is something that needed to be crafted by my hand."

Todd Wolfstryker Founder

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The Quality

Wolfstryker Leather creates high-quality, hand-made leather products for Philadelphia and its surrounding areas. Harnesses, armbands, jocks, restraints and other adult-themed leather goods are our specialties.

Simply put, we will not put anything on the table that we would not buy for ourselves. Our standards are very high.

Each piece of leather used in the construction of your gear is personally selected by our lead artisan Todd Wolfstryker, in order to assure our clients that this is the highest-quality leather available on the market.

Buckles to eyelets, and even down to the rivets that we use, all accessories are reviewed by both Todd and General Manager Mason to assure the finest quality for our customers.

From the day we receive your measurements, until the leather reaches your skin, it is inspected by everyone at our company to ensure it is made to fit, it is made to last, and we all agree it looks great. Quality craftsmanship is all about our attention to the details, no matter how small.

"Everyone wants to feel sexy and unique. When I make a piece of gear it’s for somebody special. When they put on the gear I’ve made, I’m sure they will look good, but I know they will feel great!"

Todd Wolfstryker Founder

Wolfstryker Leather Online Store

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Leatherwork is a very intimate process. Every piece of gear showcased by Wolfstryker was made by hand. Every hide of leather is as different as our customer’s needs, styles and likes. Our clients come from a wide array of backgrounds, from the novice who is buying that first piece of gear, to the experienced leatherman or leatherwoman who is looking to add that new and unique item to his or her collection. We craft and fit our customers with what they want, exactly.

Leather is an investment, for both the buyer and the maker. If used and cared for properly, a piece of leather can last a lifetime. When someone buys a item, we want to be able to meet that person in 10 years and see him still wearing our product. We want to be able to pick one of our designs out of a crowd, seeing that its quality, durability and aesthetic can stand the test of time, and beyond.