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"When I start making something, I need to know it is being made of the right stuff. That is why I inspect the hides in person before I begin a project, to make sure they are top quality from the outset."

Todd Wolfstryker

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Wolfstryker Leather is an independent, family-owned company that was founded in 2010 —by Todd Wolfstryker— in order to address the needs of the Philadelphia leather and fetish communities. Todd knew that finding high-quality, custom leather was exceptionally difficult in the Philadelphia marketplace, and finding anything beyond straight cow leather was pretty much impossible.

Through word of mouth, Todd built his business by providing the finest handmade products to the local community. Gradually, his business has grown to include discerning customers from across the United States.

In 2011, Todd was joined by his uncle, Mason Stryker, who took over the business & advertising aspects of the company, allowing Todd to concentrate on new products and designs.Wolfstryker was formally incorporated in 2012 into the company that it is today.

Wolfstryker released a super-premium line of products called PackMaster, in 2013. These elite items use exceptional hides, skins and precious metals not previously offered by any vendor we could find.

For 2014, Wolfstryker partnered with Gary 'The Pitbull' Wolf, to offer a line of branded men's and women's accessories based on his incredible wrestling persona. We hired our first apprentice, Pup Chris, and worked to expand our production facility to meet the ever increasing demand for our exceptional gear.

To keep things growing in 2015, we are launching our professional line of gear —WolfstrykerPro. Working with fantastic athletes like The Pitbull and The Last Warrior Greywolf, as well as film stars like Drew Sumrok, we are developing an impressive, rugged line of gear that looks good, while holding up to a beating. Look for our trademarked BEARIFIED! logo featured on these exceptional pieces.

We are expanding our base lines to include new products that you —our customers— have requested. Wolfstryker Leather continues to work with leather suppliers from all across the country to find you the finest, unique leathers on the market. We are also moving forward with the expansion of our women's gear, with some exceptional PackMaster-quality items leading the charge.

Any type of leather, any project you can imagine. We ponder. We innovate. We design. We amaze. Join the Pack.