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Warranty, Refit and Return Policy

Leather is one of the strongest and most durable materials around. At Wolfstryker Leather we construct all of our gear out of high-quality leather and hardware that is designed to last. With proper care, your gear can last a lifetime. We stand by our products and offer the following assurances on your gear:

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A Three (3) Year Warranty on most gear: Under Normal use (defined as activities that do not subject items to undue wear, stress, or environments that may degrade or damage the integrity of the item), If a piece of gear fails we will repair or replace it within 3 years of the items purchase. Damage we cover includes: Split/failed seams, damaged hardware (snaps, buckles, rings, grommets, etc.), and broken or torn straps on items such as harnesses and bondage gear. The buyer must cover all shipping costs if the gear needs to be sent back to our workshop for repair.

EXCEPTIONS: Specialty leather such as metallic, holographic, and animal skin are only covered by a one (1) year warranty due to the special nature of the product. Cock-rings, ball stretchers, and other items worn on genitalia are only warranted for one year and ONLY against manufacturing defects.

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REFITS: We guarantee any item that is custom-sized/ordered to fit at time of delivery and will do initial adjustments for free (customer must cover shipping). We take every care to make sure your gear is measured to fit your unique body when it is made, but recognize that some adjustments may need to be made in the future. Within the first year you own your gear, if you need it re-fitted, we will be happy to work with you to get the measurements we need and make sure your gear fits you exactly. Please note the extended refit only applies to gear that CAN BE ADJUSTED. If an item no longer fits and re-sizing the piece is not possible; replacement is required. Wolfstryker Leather will NOT provide a free replacement.

CLOTHING: Leather Clothing (chaps, vests, pants, etc.) are covered under warranty for manufacturing details. If a seam splits or a piece of hardware fails we will gladly fix it for you. Tears or rips in the leather are covered only if they are the result of a flaw in the hide used in the piece’s construction. If your leather clothing is torn or damaged not due to a manufacturing flaw we will still be happy to see what can be done to repair it for a small fee, but the repairs will not be covered under warranty and shipping is the responsibility of you, the customer.

RETURNS: All Wolfstryker Leather products are sized and tailored to the person ordering the gear, or to their specifications. Because of the highly personal nature of these products, Wolfstryker Leather considers all sales to be final except in the following situations:

• The wrong item has been shipped. In this case the correct item will be shipped at no charge to the customer once the incorrect item is returned. The customer will be reimbursed for all return shipping charges.

• The item is damaged at time of delivery by the carrier (beyond manufacturing error), and insurance has been requested by the customer.

• Faulty operation (item does not work as intended/designed). Wolfstryker handles these cases on an individual basis, including return shipping.

No genitalia-specific gear will be refunded under any circumstances.